RASA™ is an Energy Transmission Technic for spiritual seekers, who feel they have come close to the end of their spiritual search. With RASA™ it is possible to free oneself from the identification with the I thought or in other words with the erroneous identification with the person, that consists of conditioning and assumed beliefs. One can awaken to the real SELF, to that which we really are and always have been. The SELF is eternal and infinite and not dependant on circumstances or experiences. RASA™ is not a healing method, but rather a very direct way for awakening.

I received the Training to give RASA™ by Ramaji and Ananda in 2016 and have since then given RASA™ sessions in German and English. I offer RASA™ sessions ( duration ca 1 hour) via Skype, messenger, WhatsApp Video call and Zoom.

One can contact me via e mail at bettine2ontour@outlook.de

Further information one can find at www.RasatransmissionInternational.com